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The trial kiosk (27) was a success and generated an increase in sales by up to 20%, in addition it reduced waste as the cooking method allowed for smaller batches to be cooked off.

However, due to various reasons the project did not progress immediately after the trial. It wasn’t until 2009 that the project was revisited by this time Scobie & McIntosh Catering Equipment Ltd had been acquired by Unitech Engineering Ltd and the name changed to ScoMac Catering Equipment Ltd.

It was at this point and following changes in personnel at both Azure (the client’s contract caterer) and ScoMac the project was revisited.

With ‘fresh eyes’ looking at the operation and taking into account some of the knowledge gained from the trial kiosk the method of food production was reviewed.

The client (Rangers FC) also required ScoMac to ensure the design and the equipment took in to consideration environmental, sustainability and it was ‘future proofed’.

Due to the age of the building and the various alterations and additions that had occurred over the years, ScoMac needed to address and update old services (water & waste).

The client had experienced during the winters of 2010 & 2011 numerous floods due to water pipes bursting due to the cold weather.

These floods also caused damage to the wooden fixtures within the kiosks. Originally the existing counters in each kiosk were to be retained. To ensure the new kiosks could be better protected from the weather it was suggested to make these sections stainless steel.

ScoMac were able to provide new Stainless Steel sections within the original budget, by the savings suggested by changing the method of food production from Combination Ovens to Mobile Regenerating Ovens.

By introducing the Regeneration Ovens and developing a Central Production Facility on each concourse it brought significant savings in the equipment costs.

This also provided significant energy and water savings due to the reduction in electrical supplies needed and also avoided potential waste water problems with unreliable drains.

The other main change from the existing operation was the method being used for merchandising the hot food products. This required the development of a specifically design open fronted heated display cabinet.

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